Top 4 Film Festivals In The World

Film festivals are important events for a film producer, director, or actor. Good films are screened at these festivals. It allows the film producers to show their work to the audiences before the film is released to the theatres. Best films are awarded at these events, and the awards are prestigious. Here are some of them for film festivals in the world.

Cannes Film Festival

This is one of the most exclusive film festivals, and only those invited to the event can participate in it. It takes place in France every year. The red carpet gets filled with famous actors and others involved in the film industry. They all contend for the Palme d’Or, the festival’s most prestigious award.

The latest movies are screened at the event. Movies that are appreciated at the Cannes Film Festival most likely get nominated for the Oscar. The attendees often raise social issues like gender equity in the industry.

Venice Film Festival

This film festival started back in 1932 and is a popular cultural event now. The festival is a sign that the people of Venice love films. The event is dedicated to the music, theatre, dance, and other things that the people of this place are passionate about.

It is often said that art runs through the canals of Venice. Good films are shown at the event. Recently Academy Award-winning films like ‘La La Land’ and ‘Gravity’ were also screened at the Venice Film Festival. This festival is open to the public. You can buy tickets to the movies you want to watch.

Berlin Film Festival

This festival attracts millions of movie lovers every year. It is not only an event where films are showcased but also a hub for the film trade where people buy and sell films and discuss industry trends. Good films are screened here, and lots of people try to catch the first shows.

Toronto Film Festival

This film festival takes place near Lake Ontario. The event generates Oscar buzz, and that’s why many producers choose this festival to screen their films. Academy Award-winning movies like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and’12 Years A Slave’ were screened here. The festival is open to all. You can buy tickets for different categories to watch movies.

These are the major film festivals around the world, and these take place every year. These events give a festive mode, and people enjoy attending these events.