Terms & Conditions of Ticket Purchase

Tickets Purchased online are not refundable.

Change of sessions incure a $5 admin fee.

Please arrive before your session time as.
Please note as we are on 12 seats if you are the only bookings. Sessions are usually 30mins long and run between advertised times eg. 6pm-6.40pm. A session will be declared a no show if patrons don’t arrive in enough time for the session to run in the time slot.
We will wait in the above case till 6.10-6.15pm latest before calling it  a no show. As the show will run over allocated time. If its the last session of the day or there are no sessions booked after the current the cinema may close as declared a no show. Please be on time for your session as refunds won’t be issued. Setting up a session takes quite a bit of time, but if guests arrive after the time of session to run we may call it a no show as it can affect next session.