360 Video & Spatial Audio Production Intensive Workshop
For HMD Virtual Reality & Immersive Projections
Produce video and audio for Head mounted displays such as oculus rift, gear vr, oculus go.
Produce video and audio for immersive projections.

For film makers, artists, designers looking to engage with 360.
Applications are
-360 Video for VR HMD
-Immersive video
-Video art
-Spatial short film
-Spatial art work.

1st Half of workshop is 360 video & Spatial audio for VR Headsets.
-Composition & Direction for 360 Video.
-360 Camera considerations for on set/location.
-Stitching, editing, grading and rig removal.
-Spatial Audio Capture.
-Spatial Audio Editing/Conversion.

2nd Half of the workshop is video production for immersive projections & immersive speaker audio. 2d & 360 video integration. Based of the immersive projection setup at Maggie Wren’s.
-Immersive projections directing the viewer/composing your story and action.
-Shooting for immersion. 2d & 360 video.
-Compositing for 5 projector screens.
-Spatial speaker audio capture.
-Composing a score for spatial speaker audio.

Learn from industry leaders theory, techniques and workflows.

Course 360 Video Production Lead
Michael Lyons
Michael has run many VR workshops including experimenta’s 2018 VR Symposium VR workshop. Produced 20 odd 360 VR videos including an 8 part series shot across Japan, Singapore, India and Australia. As well as wider VR works with New Balance, VAMFF and being program directory for the virtual reality cinema at St Kilda Film festival 2 years running.

-Founder of the Virtual Reality Cinema
-Founder of Kid Neon
-Creative Lead Deloitte Digital Reality
-Founder of Maggie Wren’s Art Space


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Next Workshop 19th October. Full day on Saturday for only $200.
No Experience necessary to participate.

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178 Johnston Street Collingwood 3066