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The movie industry is always changing, so there is no limit to gaining more knowledge about this industry. The best way to learn about filmmaking and related things is to read some good books. Here are some recommendations.

Hollywood Producers Directory

By – J. Douma & D. Perez

This book will give you practical guidance. If you want to become a producer, then you should read this book. A lot of useful information is included in the book, which will help you to become a professional filmmaker. You will know about film permits, financiers, vendors, and more. It is known as one of the best books about films.

Making Movies

By –  Sidney Lumet

This book is about making movies. Here the author has given away many techniques and tips about movie-making. The book provides a detailed explanation of different aspects of filmmaking. You will learn about the business of film too.

 In The Blink of an Eye

By – Walter Murch

This book is about film editing. You will get a lot of practical tips on film editing in this book. This includes visual and sound editing. You will learn how to cut, recut, complete, and send the edits.

Virtual Reality Filmmaking: Techniques & Best Practices for VR Filmmakers 1st Edition

By – Celine Tricart

This is a comprehensive guide for using virtual reality (VR) in making movies. The author is a filmmaker and an expert in using new technologies in filmmaking. This is a good guide for creative moviemakers. You will learn about VR cameras, game engines, tips for shooting in live-action VR, VR postproduction, visual effects, VR distribution, and more.

Storytelling for Virtual Reality

By – John Bucher

This book focuses on how stories are structured to make virtual reality (VR) movies. You will learn about storytelling here. You will know how to transform a story into virtual reality. The book includes accounts of case studies and interviews of experts about VR storytelling.

These books are a good read. You will learn a lot about movie-making, VR technology in movies, film editing, and more after reading these books.