Best Virtual Reality Movies You Should Watch

Virtual reality (VR) has taken the movie industry to a new level. People now have a more immersive experience watching movies. Virtual reality brings real-life emotions to the screens. Some movies have been created using VR technology. These are mentioned here.

Save Every Breath

This movie is based on World War II. Here you will see three stories in sea, land, and air. You will experience the adventure on land, water, and air. At the same time, you will feel the sufferings of the World War II events as if you have seen it in reality. This VR experience will give you a thrill and a good feeling.

The Conjuring 2

This is one of the best horror movies ever made. The movie has both the normal and the VR versions. The VR version created hype, and the audiences could enter Hodgson’s house and experience the horrors that the actors felt on screen.

Fairness Works

This movie has bagged several awards. The story is about a war that started in North America. You will experience emotions as the families had to leave their homes. There is also violence. You will get a 360-degree experience of the crisis period. You will feel that you are a refuge there.

The Invisible Man

This movie is about two drug traffickers who sell the drug. They try to get away from a dealer to whom they owe a lot of money. You can watch this suspenseful movie wearing VR glasses.

Ashes To Ashes

The storyline of this movie is simply awesome. The story revolves around a dysfunctional family who is struggling after the grandfather dies. His wish was to blow his ashes. You will get an in-depth VR experience in this movie. These movies are mind-blowing, and the VR experience is a bonus. You will love watching these movies alone or with your friends. You will feel as if things are happening with you.