About This Project

ester Francois was invited to capture in VR the ephemeral works of the Intermission exhibition.


‘Intermission’ was an experimental show taking place at the former Collingwood Technical College. The buildings that form the Collingwood site have been a place of learning, creativity and collaboration since its days as the Collingwood School of Art and Design in 1871. Most of the site has remained unoccupied and vacant for 12 years and Intermission brought together a line-up of local, national and international artists to take over the space.


The artists in the show include DNART, Finn Astle, Goodie,Hiroko Okada, Jason Parker, Josie Alexandra, Junky, Justine McAllister, Kaff-eine,, Kitt Bennett, LucyLucy, Mic Porter, Nicole Reed, Odeith, Putos, Simon Beuve, Slicer, Sofles and Tom Gerrard


Through VR audiences are able to experience the exhibition and building well after the space has been transformed.


Spotlight on Lester Francois