Virtual Reality is upon us, its a new frontier, a new medium. For the newcomers, VR is an immersive experience in which your head movements are tracked in a three-dimensional world, seen in a 360° perspective. Forcing you to rethink our approach to film, interactives and games, alike. Creators are pushing these new visual boundaries by revisiting and reinventing the sphere of audio production and playback.

Melbourne! Are you ready?

This September be prepared to be swept off your feet by the new wave of VR creators. Never seen before reality, that will challenge your idea of film, theater and music videos. Virtual reality transcends all boundaries, by revisiting and reinventing the sphere of audio production and playback. Enables new experiences, ideas, new worlds and different perspectives on understanding the current world around us. You can try everything that you have ever dreamed of and once unattainable experience is now within your reach.

How does the magic happen?
All you need to do is sit down comfortably in a spinning chair, put a light-weight portable  VR headset and start your journey to a new 360° digital dimension. Virtual reality is an endless space in which you can fully immerse and find new opportunities. This innovative entertainment lets you experience incredible emotions, moving you to a completely new world.

Festival Program:

The Virtual Reality Fringe will run as a series of group VR screenings, 4 nights a week over the 3 weeks starting on 14th of September to the 1st of October. Screenings will be held in Collingwood cinema style setting, with up to 12 participants watching 20-30mins of never seen before shorts.
The festival program will consist of few categories, such as:

Music VR Program
Featuring a live acoustic act Didi Peters, a Perth band who have the most amazing VR music video you will ever seen.

Documentary Program
That includes a trip to Easter Island, a chat with Melburnians leading Street Artist Adnate and many more to come.

Group VR Program
Absolutely innovative, first time presented black box of virtual theater. Includes an architecture and a VR Theatrical work that the audience can experience together in both real and virtual realities.

Short VR Films
A leading Melbourne film maker is currently working on a series of shorts, that will take Being John Malkovich to a new virtual level.

Submission and Proposal

We are calling out to filmmakers, interactive designers, artist, musicians and architects to be a part of this new frontier. If you want to create new VR or have the content ready, that will enrich the existing program, the submissions are now open!
We are seeking short film submissions created with 360 camera technology, that we will be displayed on the VR headsets at screenings every day throughout the Virtual Reality Fringe Festival.

Who can apply?
If you have a great idea that you want to do in VR, send in your proposal and we can provide resources which will help you make it happen. Whether its an access to a 360° 4k video camera, guidance on an audio capture and playback, VR best practices and many more!
If you’re a CG animator and want to create a 360° VR animation or adapt a current work you can access techniques for this and render farm time.
A musician that wants to experiment in the 360° 3D sound sphere.
Game and interactive designers who want to create VR shorts.
An augmented reality short?! Or a mix of all the above? Get in contact!
The sky’s the limit, this space is a vehicle to explore and push the boundaries on the fringe of virtual reality.


1st round 14th of June
2nd round 14th of July
3rd round 14th of August
4th round 04th of September

Duration should range from 90 seconds to under 10 minutes.
(If you have something longer, well done, let us know we might be able to do a special program for this).

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Submission (Existing Work)

Early round: 30th of June
Late round: 30th of August
Very Late round: 10th of September

Mobile content will be part of the group screenings. Desktop can be part of the exhibition.

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Gear 360° 4k video camera.

Practical information:

14.09-01.10 2016
Every evening from Wednesday to Saturday between 07:00-09:00 pm
(at 07:00, 07:50, 08:35pm)

Kid Neon
178 Johnston St, Collingwood Vic 3066

14$ per one session (series of shorts)
Can be purchased here:

For more information contact us below.
Volunteers to assist with the festival please get in contact.

Remember, the future is happening now.

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Virtual Reality is upon us, its a new frontier, a new medium. Forcing a rethink of our approach to film, interactives and games alike. Creators are pushing these new visual bo…

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